Product Installation

All products we fit are fitted with suitable isolating valves, this allows for two main things, one: we can work in the bathroom with outlets isolated which would limit disruption to the rest of the home, and two everything can be easily isolated for any future maintenance. All white goods are fully sealed for water tightness and stability. New plumbing as required such as traps and pan connectors are fitted as standard included in the cost of an installation. Further details and information about any of the product installation covered in these pages can be discussed in more detail if required during any home survey or send me an email or simply give me call, I am always happy to offer help and advice.


Ever had an issue with water running down the back of your bath or the sealant around the bath perimeter peeling away ? Could be down to the bath not fully sealed or secured properly. Every bath we fit will be completely sealed around the perimeter sealing the bath to the wall making it completely water tight prior to tiling or fitting any other wall coverings as well as being securely fixed down the floor and walls on the underside to be sure it has a solid installation.

Shower Enclosures/Trays

Very similar process to a bath installation we will make sure that any shower trays we fit will have a water tight seal between the tray and the walls prior to any wall coverings being installed.

Some trays depending on your plumbing possibility's may need to be raised to create enough fall in the waste pipe to allow adequate flow of the waste water coming from your shower, we may be able to run a new waste under your floor to create a low level access and seemingly effortless entry into the shower zone, the enclosure element in most cases will have a glass slide panel and/or some type of door or doors that will slide or swing open for entry creating an enclosure.

Walk in Showers

Walk in showers are slightly different than shower enclosures mainly in the sense that they don’t tend to have any doors. They mainly consist of a side glass panel and or an end glass panel that separate the shower area to the rest of the room. They can be created with a standard style shower tray or they can be created as a wet room type installation with suitable floor tiles such as mosaic or large format tiles used to create the fall for the waste water, walk in shower are a nice way to create open feel to a bathroom being able to see directly through all the glass while at the same time identifying it the showring zone by maybe using a different tile or colour of tile to the rest of the room and making it a focal point.


There are a wide range of different showers available dependant of your needs and options from budget, your plumbing and bathroom walls, and also what you would like to achieve from your showering experience, Thermostatic Mixer Showers, with most being available to suite both low pressure gravity systems most common if you have an airing cupboard with stored hot water or high pressure combination boilers, these showers use a hot and cold feed taken from your storage tanks or boiler feeds and mixes them together at a desired set temperature and the thermostat will take control keeping the water exiting the shower stable even when other outlets such as taps etc in another part the building is being used, good to know you can shower safely and comfortably without being shocked by a blast of cold water if someone opens a hot tap or hot water if someone opens a cold one. Manual  Mixer Showers, plumbing wise manual mixer showers are very much the same as thermostatic ones the only diffidence being is that they don’t have an internal thermostat controlling the temperature, it will mix the water at a temperature set by you although are susceptible to temperature fluctuations if other outlets are used

Electric showers,  Encased in a water tight box with some nice looking ones now available these use a mains cold feed and heats the water when the shower is turned on, this type of shower also requires a mains power supply feed direct from the fuse board and accessible isolating pull switch in the room. Power showers, looking similar to an electric shower encased in a water tight box these showers use a hot and cold feed from your stored water tanks and mix them together to a desired set temperature then unlike an electric shower power showers have an internal pump that will pump the water out at a higher rate, Shower pumps, mostly used on low pressure gravity systems a shower pump can be used to boost the performance of a shower giving a much better showering experience, these are mostly fitted on the floor of an airing cupboard and the shower supplies are fed into the pump and then to the shower mainly ran through a loft space. Digital showers, if you like todays modern technology and looking for something a little special a digital shower could be a good choice, using hot and cold feeds these showers will mix the water to a temperature set by the user and keep it stable via an internal thermostat, the user can control the flow on request let's say turn it down while shampooing the hair and then turn it up to wash out the bubbles, they can even come with a warm up function so you start the shower prior to getting in and it will turn itself off again until you are ready and some can even be pared to you phone and turned on from another room, digital showers can be available for both low and high pressure systems.


Back to wall toilets, close coupled toilets, wall hung toilets and comfort heights who would have thought there could be so much choice for a toilet, when planning your bathroom we take the room as a whole and think carefully about what can work and where and the toilet is no exception, if possible we may be a able to move the position of your w,c to open up new layout options for the rest of the room, close coupled back to wall w,c  `s are a nice way to hide the waste pipe entering the room so you no longer have that unsightly dust trap, or back to wall w.c`s for furniture if fitting to vanity units, wall hung w,`s can help to create a sense of space and can be set to a desired height for ultimate comfort as well as comfort height pans that are slightly higher than a standard w,c. All new w,c`s we fit will be done so with a new pan connector to ensure a proper seal is achieved to the exit between the w,c and waste pipe.


Whether you would like a vanity unit for storage with a basin sat on top, basin and pedestal or fitted furniture where the basin is fitted into a countertop there's plenty of choice, as with all products fitted as part of a new installation basins will be fitted with a trap to the waste pipe and isolating valves and sealed around the perimeter against the finished wall covering to finish it of like the icing on a cake. Choose from 1 tap hole basins for a mono mixer or 2 tap holes for separate hots and colds.

Vanity Units/Fitted Furniture

With a wide range of fitted furniture and vanity units available fitted units are a great way use space for storage and keep everything tidy and surprisingly don’t always take up allot room, allot of the pipe work can be hidden out of sight behind them or underneath them and with a well thought out plan and careful choice or sanitary ware to go with them you can create a very functional bathroom that looks super sleek and tidy. Vanity units tend to be standalone units with a basin on top or back to wall w,c fitted against them wares fitted furniture is often 3 or more units fitted together with a countertop on top.


Don't rule out lighting as part of your new bathroom installation it can really make a diffidence and change the dynamics and feel of any room, it can be surprising how different the same finished room can look under different lighting. With LED lighting now allot more available they are allot more energy efficient and available in different colours of such as cool white and warm white for example with down lights being a popular choice you can really create a bathroom with different moods.


Tiled floor or vinyl floor? This is a question I can get asked allot,.. and the answer? The choice is really down to the individual customer and the feel they want to achieve when they walk in the room, when they get out of the shower or how high the traffic is in and out of the room, yes tiled floors can be cold although in most cases they don’t tend to be as cold as people may think, they are hard, but that's about the only downsides, they are hard wearing, easy to clean and water tight with too much choice to mention there will be a tile to match just what you're looking for, they can be warmed up with the added comfort of underfloor heating and anti-slip being available whether going to the toilet in the night bare foot or getting out the shower you can have a nice feeling under foot. Vinyl flooring is still a popular choice in bathrooms in these recent times, with a large choice of styles now available and relatively inexpensive to buy and fit per square meter you can have a luxurious feel under foot, it doesn’t really get cold the same way tiles can and feeling softer under foot it's not surprising it's still a popular choice. We fit all flooring onto a suitable sub base securely fixed down to your existing floor and never fit directly to the existing floor boards. Tiled floor or vinyl floor? The choice is yours.


We can fit your choice of wall or floor tiles, the options are quite literally endless, think of your bathroom as any other room in the house, you may have 3 walls one colour and a fourth wall a different colour as a feature wall such as your chimney breast or behind the t,v, you may have a border, the same thing can be done with tiles, your shower area could be the chimney breast of the bathroom and use a different tile as a feature wall or show it off as a different zone, use the same tiles but in different colours to create horizontal or vertical features behind the towel rail or basin, fully tile all walls or half tile them all our tiling is done using high grade strong products and only use grouts containing micro ban which is an anti-bacterial product which gives protection against the growth of bacteria, mould and mildew and is also suitable for swimming pools so we are confident that our customers bathrooms continue to look their best.