Planning Your Space

Importance In Planning

Planning your space properly can be a key part of getting the most from your bathroom, and with years of experience in bathroom fitting in general there are not allot of situations that we have not come across which give us the knowledge to know what can work and what cant to plan the best outcome for what you are looking to achieve

Measure ups

During the quoting process you will be visited to discuss your thoughts and what you are looking to get out of your bathroom, ensuite or cloakroom, a detailed measure up will be done that may be used to put the best plan and products together to fit your space.


A design will be planned out based on all the information discussed during a home visit and sent to you for approval as it is often easier for customers to visualize how the chosen products and plans will work in your space when the area can be seen as a plan view, there are often more options available than people may think.

Product Selection

When it comes to the products themselves we don't just want to supply you with quality products that are going to last we also want to supply you with products that are going to fit your space to maximize your rooms full potential and that are going to work with your current plumbing, we will take into account the working pressures of brass ware such as taps and shower vales, the outlets for w,c`s, showers and basins to get your installation the best it can be.

Images of plans

Examples of some plans for the same room that shows the potential to have a slightly different layout in the same space,